Jaz Dahabeya Resort

3 Days


Day 1 :

⁦☑️⁩Arrival in Dahab and check-in at the hotel.
⁦☑️⁩Visit the Three Pools Protected Area for snorkeling and photo opportunities.
Optional evening Laguna trip for stargazing, moon, mountains, and sea experience.

Day 2 :

⁦☑️⁩Enjoy breakfast at the hotel.
⁦☑️⁩Head to the Blue Hole Protectorate (free) for an adventurous day of snorkeling.
⁦☑️⁩Then, visit Ras Abu Galum Protectorate by boat, followed by a Jeep ride to the stunning Blue Lagoon (optional).
⁦☑️⁩Return to the hotel.
⁦☑️⁩Optional gathering for a delightful night to spend time together in a cozy atmosphere in Al Towaylat Mountain (optional).

Day 3 :

⁦☑️⁩Enjoy breakfast.
⁦☑️⁩Optional marine trip.
⁦☑️⁩Return to the hotel for some rest.
⁦☑️⁩Early morning, embark on the Wadi Genie Safari for witnessing the majestic sunrise (optional).
⁦☑️⁩Return to the hotel for breakfast.

Trip cost includes the following

  • Blue Hole Trip

Trip cost excludes the following

  • Marine Trip
  • Al-Tawilat Mountain Trip
  • Blue Lagoon Trip
  • Lagoona Trip

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Jaz Dahabeya Resort